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      Royal Enfield is launching an electric version of the Classic 350 model, which could be launched in 2022

      The demand for electric motorcycles is growing worldwide. With that in mind, Royal Enfield is about to enter a new sector. It is heard that this bike-making company is going to bring the Classic 350 model in the electric version in the country. Several reports have also published multiple information about the possible look and price of the bike. Let’s find out in detail.

      According to the report, the electric powertrain system will be seen for the first time in this Royal Enfield Classic 350 bike. However, the design or engine of the bike is not yet known in detail. It is rumoured that bikes may have digital instrumentation as well as smartphone-based connectivity technology. There will also be fast charging facility. In this case, the electric version of the bike will have an electric motor as well as a battery back-up of up to 10 kWh. The engine can deliver power up to 40 bhp and 100 Nm of torque. Once charged, the bike can run up to 250 km on a single charge.

      No official announcement has been made about the price of the bike. There was no indication from the manufacturer. However, some auto-experts estimate that the price of this first electric motorbike from Royal Enfield may be around Rs 3.5 lakh considering the current market.

      The new electric bike will have the signature retro design of the new generation Classic 350 bike. However, changes have been reported in several places. In this case the bike will have round LED headlamps, circular black turn signals and single seat. The dual tone colour of the bike will catch the eye of the buyers. The fuel lead will have a charging port. The rear LED tail lamp and turn indicator will also be quite interesting. The side panels of the bike are also appropriate.

      It is rumoured that this electric motorcycle may make its debut at the 2022 EICMA Motor Show in Milan, Italy. However, the manufacturer is currently measuring the market water. In this case, the electric bike sector is also looking at the plans of others. So, it is difficult to say exactly when this bike will show its face in the market. Waiting for the time being.

      Note that the Royal Enfield Classic 350 will launch earlier this year. In this case, the price of this new bike may be between 1.60 lakh to 2 lakh rupees. For now, bike-lovers are looking at him!

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