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    Registration with the permission of the government! PUBG Mobile India Coming soon, know the latest News

    Since being banned in India, the only question still circulating on the internet is, when will PUBG Mobile India launch in India ? But even if the correct answer to that question is not found, hints are clear that PUBG Mobile India is going to launch in India very soon. Meanwhile, the news is that this popular game is being launched in India under the banner of another company. The company’s name has been registered PUBG India Pvt Ltd name. And it is clear from that registration that the permission of the government has been obtained. So, PUBG Mobile India is going to appear soon.

    PUBG Mobile India Latest News

    Recently, Abhijit Andhare, who is better known as a sports athlete of TSM esports group, has appeared with such news. According to company details from a screenshot shared by Abhijit, Karnataka-based company PUBG India Pvt Ltd has two high-level management positions at the moment. The corporation’s incorporation date has been given as 21 November. In other words, PUBG India Pvt Ltd has been registered only three days ago. Besides, the name of a foreign company has also been written as a subsidiary of this company.

    A few days ago, the company announced that PUBG Mobile is going to make a comeback in India. A couple of days ago, several users also said that they can see the APK download file of this game from the PUBG Mobile India website. Teasers and promos of the game have also been shared from the official social media channels. Although the launch date of PUBG Mobile India is not yet known, it is believed that it will be launched soon. There are also several reports that PUBG Mobile India has started pre-registration in the TapTap app. But from there, gamers could not find any option to register even from the official website of PUBG Mobile India, which has increased the controversy. Bigger than that, its download link from Android and iOS apps is also not available.


    This is where the conflict has doubled. After the download link on the website in the last two-three days, several media reports have said that there is no chance of launching PUBG Mobile India without any announcement from the government. Meanwhile, from the moment after the ban, the authority has sent regular messages on the social profiles of the gamers on behalf of PUBG Mobile India. The company has assured gamers that PUBG Mobile India will soon have a different look for Indian gamers.

    According to the company, the content is being modified to meet local needs. Here in the new version of PUBG Mobile India, the characters can be seen wearing Indian costumes. Not only that. Violent effects will be further reduced and more Indian themes will be added. On the other hand, in terms of data storage, PUBG Mobile India states that the company relies entirely on the Microsoft Azure platform to meet all the requirements of the Government of India.

    According to recent media reports, the old PUBG Mobile IDs of Indian players will be restored after the re-launch of PUBG Mobile India. However, PUBG Mobile India has confirmed that not every banned account will be re-launched. It is also learned that all the accounts that have been banned for 10 years will have to open new accounts to play again. The size of the new app is going to be only 600MB, so the size of the app has been reduced keeping in mind that the players can only install their preferred mode.
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