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    Record FAU-G game before launch! 1 million registrations in the first 24 hours

    Not yet launched, Even the launch date has not been announced. Prior to that, PUBG’s domestic alternative FAU-G had a big record. Registration for this gaming platform started last November 30th. In just three days, 1 million FAU-G games have been pre-registered from the Google Play Store. NCore Games shared this good news on Twitter today.

    Record FAU-G 1M Pre-Register

    Within days of the Indian government banning PUBG from the country, their parent organization nCore Games announced the launch of a game called FAU-G. The game was scheduled to launch in India in late October. But it was postponed to November. Although it did not launch in November. That’s where the registration link for the November 30 FAU-G game is shared. However, it is now thought that as the registration of FAU-G from the Google Play Store has also started, the game may launch in India in December. But the developers have not yet announced exactly when the FAU-G game will be launched in India. Those who have already pre-registered for FAU-G from the Google Play Store will receive a push notification once the game is created. And then those users can download and play FAU-G games from Google Play Store.

    Official Tweet

    However, some gamers in India are complaining on social media that they are not able to register the FAU-G game from the Google Play Store. Some gamers are also sharing the message of incompatibility of the device on social media as a screenshot. Some people also say that there is a problem in FAU-G registration from the device they use. However, the details of the FAU-G game, ie which phone, which version it will support, have not yet been given in the Google Play Store.

    On the other hand, once PUBG Mobile India launches in India, it will clash with the FAU-G game. TapTap, PUBG Mobile India has already received 200,000 pre-registration requests, according to a recent game-sharing community report. The FAU-G, on the other hand, stands at just 60,000.

    One thing is clear, Indian gamers are much more excited about PUBG Mobile India than FAU-G. But the future of PUBG Mobile India in India has not been decided yet. Accordingly, as long as PUBG Mobile India is launching in India, the FAU-G of nCore Games will benefit.

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