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      PUBG Out FAU-G In

      FAU-G release in October-end said by Indian game developer nCore Games’ co-founder Vishal Gondal. nCore Games is an Indian game developing company has announced that the company is working on a new multiplayer online smartphone game called FAU-G (Fearless and United: Guards). The upcoming game is expected to be the alternative to PUBG Mobile but the co-founder of nCore  Vishal Gondal who is also the CEO of GOQII says that the FAU-G is not going to compete with PUBG Mobile. FAU-G is based on real scenarios faced by the Indian defence forces. Now, it seems that the company is also planning for two new mobile games along with FAU-G.
      FAU-G Does Not Compete with PUBG

      According to The Indian Express report: –
      Gondal told them that FAU-G was in pipeline for a long time and the company is preparing for an October release. He also revealed that the developers’ team was working on this game since May this year.
      What to Expect From First Episode Of FAU-G

      FAU-G’s first episode will be based on the Galwan Valley incident, the game is aiming to educate players about the crucial incidents of our country defence force. The game will mirror the actual incident to show the scenarios faced by the Indian soldiers. Moreover, 20 percent of the revenue earned by the game will be donated to #BharatKeVeer trust. So far, we have only this much information about the upcoming games. We are looking forward to receiving more information about the game as we move closer to the launch.

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