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      PUBG Mobile to return to India soon? Company publishing new recruitment notice in India

      The popular Battle-Royal game PUBG Mobile was banned in India early last month. More than a month has passed since then, but speculation is rife that the game will be available again. Even after the game’s main maker, PUBG Corps, terminated all contracts with Chinese game firm Tencent, no exact news of its return was found.

      Recently, however, PubG Corporation released an official statement confirming that they are in talks with the Indian government to re-launch the game if all goes well. Several live streamers have already hinted that the game could be re-launched in the country. However, after PUBG Corporation announced the new recruitment on its official LinkedIn profile today, speculation about the possibility of PUBG Mobile returning to India has increased.

      What’s in that LinkedIn post?

      According to the company’s linked-in post, people are being hired for the post of Corporate Development Division Manager in the Indian region. The Division Manager will act as the agency’s representative in India and will be responsible for sending all the news to the headquarters.

      The other responsibilities that the Division Manager will have to perform are –

      1. As Director of Corporate Development, take appropriate strategies to increase overall investment in gaming and other sectors (technology, media, entertainment, etc.) mainly for the Indian market.
      2. To monitor the activities of gaming and other sectors in India, research, analyse and manage the gaming / entertainment / technology industry.
      3. Draft the content of discussions on the perseverance / investment of the organization, work closely with internal leaders and external advisors.
      4. Determining corporate strategy, conducting business or participating in business activities etc.
      By the way, the revenue of Pubg Corporation has come down to 196 million US dollars in September due to the ban in India. Where the company’s revenue in August was 221 million. So, the Indian market is very important for the company – needless to say! It remains to be seen whether the game will be available in the coming days, proving all the rumours to be true.

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