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      Playing PUBG Mobile ignoring BAN? Indian gamers fear punishment!

      PUBG Mobile was banned in India in September. After almost four months, many people are still playing several other foreign versions of the game. Besides, several YouTubers in the country are also uploading live streaming and videos of PUBG Mobile KR gameplays with the help of VPN service . According to sources, the central government is going to take strict action against all the users who are still playing this game regardless of the ban.

      A few days ago, a letter from an Indian blogger caused a stir. In that letter, he informed the Indian gaming community that PUBG was still playing well in India. Expressing concern over the issue, he also said that any PUBG gamer would face severe punishment from the government if he could not stop quickly. The letter also said as a message from the government, ‘This message is directly from the governments. PUBG Mobile KR (Korean version) has also been banned in India. So playing that game is also criminal. ‘

      In other words, if someone still plays the Korean version of PUBG Mobile KR without playing PUBG Mobile, then it is time for him or them to be careful. A report from said, ‘Many people are playing the global or Korean version of PUBG Mobile with the help of Virtual Private Network (VPN). Since the VPN hides your IP and incoming data packets in the encryption layer, many people think they won’t get caught. But that is not the case. ‘

      “There are many streamers tournament organizers in India who may be fined big bucks for playing banned PUBG mobile games,” the report added. The report by tech website clearly states, “Indian gamers are misunderstanding that the global or Korean version of PUBG Mobile has cross play functionality. This means accessing the global version of PUBG Mobile, which is also banned by the government. And using the VPN service to bypass that ban means breaking the rules of the centre. ‘

      More than 100 apps were banned in India at the same time last September for violating the country’s sovereignty and national security rules under Section 69A of the Indian Ministry of Information Technology Act. That list was PUBG Mobile. Although the game is Korean, PUBG Mobile was banned in India because a Chinese company was responsible for its distribution. Since then, PUBG has sought to sever ties with the Chinese company and return to India. But the government is still adamant in its decision. The Centre does not want to bring PUBG back to India.

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