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      Play cards on mobile, win lots and lots of money! Find out the best ones

      Online card games have become hugely popular in India in the last few years. Earlier, many people said that playing cards is equivalent to gambling, but now many people are earning big money by playing cards online.

      It is now possible to play cards online like any other game. Computer or Thousands of online card games are now easily available from smartphones. Some of these games are just for fun and time, but most of the cards can be played at home to earn money. You too can earn money at home by playing these games during coronavirus.

      Teen Patti

      This game requires at least three players. However, in many large groups, three cards can be played. However, having 6-7 people is the most fun. You have to bet before the game starts. All players will be put together with a certain amount of money when playing cards. Everyone will have three cards in their hands. You have to bet on this game without seeing the cards. Three cards are played according to different rules.


      Rummy is one of the most popular online games in India. In this game, each player will have 13 cards in his hand. This game can be won by arranging the cards in a certain order. In order to win this game, you have to sort the cards in at least two different order. Must have at least three consecutive numbered cards in a sequence. Those cards must be of the same mark. No Joker cards can be placed in one of the two mandatory sequences.

      Sets can also be made. A set consists of three or four cards with different symbols of the same number. This game can be played online very easily. In addition to spending time playing with friends, it is possible to earn money by playing Rummy online. This game is played with four players.


      52 deck of cards. Each player has 13 cards at the start of the game. The game focuses on spreads, then hearts, then diamonds and finally club cards. You have to bet by looking at the hand cards before the game starts. This very challenging game requires extra attention.


      Bluff can only be a winner in this game if he finishes the cards first. Four or more players can participate simultaneously. In this game you have to name multiple cards of the same number upside down. Other players will check whether it is true or false.

      What do you need to know before playing cards for money?

      The popularity of this type of game increases during Diwali or Durga puja. Many people spend time playing cards with friends and loved ones. Although it is possible to earn in this game. Many people want to check the authenticity of the website before paying for such games. It is important to remember that there are no legal restrictions on playing such cards in India.

      When a new player registers on all the websites, a certain amount of money is given as a prize for playing at the beginning. People over the age of 18 can take part in this game.

      This way you can earn a lot if you have the encouragement. You can take part in the game by paying by debit card, credit card or UPI payment on all these websites. On some websites the prize money is immediately sent to the bank account but on some websites, it takes 2-3 days. Although there is only one game on some websites, it is possible to play more than one game from some websites and apps.

      What do you look for before choosing a card website?

      * Easy registration
      * Secure transactions
      * Quick payment
      * Good customer service
      * 24 hours play

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