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    Planning to buy a second hand car? Things to check before buying a second hand car.

    Everyone has a car hobby for themselves. From a young age, everyone has a choice of a car. Who doesn’t want to go on a long drive on the weekend all together! There is also going to a relative’s house, going for a walk. It is not always possible to go everywhere by renting a car. Currently, many people do not take buses or trams to avoid coronary heart disease. But not everyone is riding. Those who are helpless are being pressured. Also, those who can afford it are leaning towards new cars. Those who want to strengthen their hands on a slightly lower budget are also buying used cars. Old car means bad, but don’t keep this idea in mind. Many people sell their cars and say they are in good condition, the price of which is much lower. With a little care when buying, you can get a good car quite cheaply. Here are the things to keep in mind. Which car is best for 2nd hand?

    Is it better to buy new or second hand car?

    Take a good look at the condition of the car, whether there are any stains on the car, whether there are any cracks somewhere. Also, if any sports are changed, see if it fits properly. Take a look at the colour of the car. If it is a new colour, check whether it is painted properly everywhere, whether it is broken or cracked inside. Try to understand how much the car owner took care of his car. If there is no such problem, i.e. if there is no problem related to fitting, then the car can be said to be good.

    Also, make sure that there is no rust

    on the floor of the car. If you use a car, it is normal to rust if you need water. Take a good look at how much damage the car has to the rust. If you are getting a car like Mercedes or Porsche at a very low price, don’t buy a car that has rust in it. Take a good look at all this. Otherwise, buying an old car can cost a lot of money unnecessarily.

    Take a look at all the seats of second hand car.

    Take a good look at all the seats by opening the door. Check if the seat is dirty, if any foam is torn. Sit in the driveway seat and watch. Seat belt. Check that all the airbags are working well. You must see the steering wheel. Even the music system, AC keep an eye on all of this.

    Take a look at the engine tires of second hand car

    Take someone who has experienced driving for a long time. Check the engine, tires all well. Find out how many times you have to change tires. Also take the paper of how many times it has been serviced. Before you buy, take at least one test drive, keep checking to see if it is going smoothly when changing gears, if you can feel a slight vibration in the car when you increase the speed. Currently almost all cars have their own computer, which will also let you know if there is a problem with the engine, transmission or anywhere else. Also take a good look at the brakes. You must also see how many kilometres the car is running.

    It is better to look at the papers with the paper car. Do everything in your own name before buying. Take care of all the legal process at once. See if the car has eaten any case. Find out how many times you have to pay the fine, whether there is any fine or tax left. Also change the insurance paper in your name after buying the car. Buy a car only if you see all these original papers taken from a show room. When buying a car, you must take an experienced person with you.

    If all this is right you can buy a car. But before that, learn yourself and get a driving license. You have to take care of the car, then it will be good. There are also some discounts on second hand cars on Diwali. You can take a look at it.

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