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      Phone numbers of 500 Million Facebook users are being sold through telegram bots

      Telegram bots are selling the phone numbers of about 500 million Facebook users. One person also advertised the sale of this number in the forum associated with cybercrime. A recent report by a portal called ‘Motherboard’ has made such a claim. Alan Gall, a cybersecurity expert, took to his Twitter account.

      In that forum, a person advertised the sale of phone numbers and information of 500 million Facebook users. It comes to mind. It is also known that there is information about 6 lakh Indian Facebook users. It also claims to have information on 18 million British and more than 300 million Americans.

      The motherboard tested the telegram bot to see how the Facebook user’s phone number and information were being sold for money. Telegram bot is asking for 20 US dollars for a number. Which is about 1500 rupees in Indian currency. If you take 10 thousand numbers together, it will be available for 5 thousand US dollars, says the bot. In Indian currency it is about 3 lakh 75 thousand rupees.

      Although this information is very old. But in this way, the concern of users’ information being sold publicly on the net world has increased. Alan Gall, a cyber security expert, told Motherboard: This information will definitely be used to deceive people. ” Motherboard also contacted Facebook about this issue. In response, Facebook said, “Information vulnerabilities on social media were fixed in August 2019.” That information was removed before it could be done. However, cyber security experts are increasingly concerned about the public sale of public information in the criminal world.

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