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    Philips in court seeking ban on Xiaomi in India. Complaint of patent infringement!

    Philips made a big complaint against Xiaomi in India.

    Philips has filed a case in the Delhi High Court alleging Xiaomi Patent Infringement against the Chinese smartphone maker. The company also sought to ban Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi from India. Not just the ban. Philips also asked the court to stop the smartphone maker from manufacturing, assembling, importing and advertising on third party websites in India.

    Company claims that certain Xiaomi smartphones, including UMTS Enhancement (HSPA, HSPA +) and LTE technologies, should be banned from India. Philips alleges that such Xiaomi smartphones are patent infringement (Xiaomi Patent Infringement).

    In an application to the Delhi High Court, Philips wrote that an interim ban should be imposed on Xiaomi. Philips also writes that the Central Board of Excise and Customs should allow the Customs Authority to stop the import of certain Xiaomi models from all Indian ports as soon as possible.

    At the moment, an order has been passed by the Delhi High Court on the basis of this case. In that order, the Delhi High Court said Xiaomi and the other accused should maintain a balance of at least Rs 1,000 crore in their own bank accounts in India.

    The order of the Delhi High Court said

    “It has been made clear that the accused are bound by the statement given by their counsel. Every accused has to file all the details of their bank account in India. They have to maintain at least Rs 1,000 crore in their bank accounts on or before December 2.

    The next hearing in the Delhi High Court is on January 18. Such allegations against Xiaomi will become clearer after January 18 in the new year. However, Xiaomi India has not yet issued a statement on the basis of the allegations filed by Philips.

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