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      Paytm is coming with a credit card, find out how to apply

      Paytm is a popular name for online payments in India. In addition to the online wallet, they have also introduced a savings account at Paytm Payments Bank. They can even use their own ATMs somewhere. This time another new opportunity is coming from Paytm. Paytm is about to launch their own credit card. There will also be various cashback offers with this credit card. Paytm plans to reach 2 million credit cards in the next 12-18 months. They also aim to capture 10 percent of India’s credit card market.

        Paytm credit card feature

        Paytm credit card will have instant one-touch service. This will make it possible to enter the security PIN number, change the address, block the card, get a new card and see the credit-limit of the card. Users can easily make contactless payments with this credit card. It will also be very easy to make international payments on this card. Paytm will also give customers the necessary tips according to cost.

        How to apply for a Paytm credit card

        Paytm will do all the work of this card digitally. Users can apply for a credit card online. They will see everything in the Paytm app. They can also upload documents to the app. Once the KYC is completed, the credit card will reach your home. This card will also provide insurance protection against payment fraud.

        Cashback on Paytm credit card

        There is a reward system for every Paytm credit card transaction, with guaranteed cashback. These cashback points have no expiration date, you can use them for purchases on Paytm as long as you like.

        Paytm Lending CEO Bhavesh Gupta said, “In our country, credit cards are still seen as a commodity for the affluent class of society and not everyone can take advantage of it. At Paytm, our goal is to deliver credit cards to young people and professionals in India. These cards will help them to have a nice financial life by controlling their expenses with the right decision. This opportunity can bring economic change by bringing new users to the credit market.”

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