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      Passwords can be removed from PDF in a pinch, here’s an easy way

      We all get PDF file with password from time to time through various means (any bank statement or bill). This system protects the information, but it often causes problems in our work. Because every time we want to access the document or send it to someone else, we have to type the password again and again. How to remove password from pdf.

      However, there is a planned solution to the problem, so that we do not need the password every time we access a PDF file. Therefore, if you are facing this problem, you can solve the problem through the following methods. But before talking about the simple steps, let me tell you that you need to know the password to open the PDF file for the first time. Only then can you move forward.

      When accessing PDF files through Windows, Mac, Linux, Google Chrome (and even other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.), there is an easy way to remove the password. Let’s take a look at these approaches.

      1. Open the PDF file via Google Chrome via Gmail, Drive or Platform. You must enter the password the first time you open it.
      2. Once the PDF file is unlocked, select the print icon in the top right corner (Windows users select ‘CTRL + P’ and Mac users select ‘Command + P’ and select the ‘Print’ option).
      3. Then save the file in PDF format as ‘Save As’ and save it to a specific location. This way you can access the PDF without the need for a password again and again.

      Check Android or iOS (the Android, the iOSusers how to remove password from PDF files?

      Android or iOS users will get various apps through Play Store or App Store through which they can save PDF.

      For Android, you can use the ‘PDF Utility’ application. Once you open the PDF through the application, enter the password and save it by setting the specific location of the file for repeated access without the password.

      For iOS, you can use the ‘PDF Expert’ application. You need to subscribe to this app. However, during the free trial, you can open and save many files. Then you will no longer need a password.

      How do Adobe Acrobat users remove passwords from PDF files?

      If you want to perform the process officially through Adobe Acrobat, you need to subscribe to “Adobe Acrobat Pro DC”. 1,041 per month for subscribing to the annual plan and Rs. 1,691 per month for subscribing on a monthly basis.

      How to remove password from pdf:

      1. Once you get the application, you need to open the PDF file, enter the password.
      2. Then select the ‘Lock Screen’ option and go to ‘Security Settings’ and go to ‘Permission Details’.
      3. Then save the file by changing the ‘Security Method’ to ‘No Security’ so that you do not have to type the password every time you open it.

      You can also remove the password from the PDF through the ‘Small PDF’ website. All you have to do is open the PDF file and select the ‘Unlock PDF’ option. Once the file is ‘decrypted’, you can access the file on your laptop or PC without a password whenever you need it.

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