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      OnePlus Band: OnePlus launches fitness band with SpO2 sensor for the first time in India, priced at just Rs 2,499

      OnePlus Band launched the first fitness tracker OnePlus Band in India. This very cheap fitness tracker has several interesting features, the most important of which is the SpO2 tracker. This OnePlus Band is priced at just Rs 2,499 in India.

      When we hear about fitness trackers, the first thing that comes to our mind is heart rate monitoring. However, the effectiveness of OnePlus Band is not limited to that. If the blood-oxygen level in the human body becomes very serious, especially during this COVID, it is important to measure that level at all times. And that will be confirmed by the OnePlus Band with the help of SpO2 monitoring feature.

      This feature of tracking blood-oxygen levels is very important and there are a number of reasonable reasons behind it. The SpO2 monitoring feature will help you find out if someone you know has trouble breathing, that is, if your blood-oxygen level drops, and if you need an external device, such as a ventilator, to help you.

      As well as the user’s ability to cope with physical activity again and as long as you’re asleep, this excellent fitness band will let you know if today’s sleep is going to be at your comfort!

      In a word, with the help of SpO2 sensor, this fitness tracker will be able to detect whether you have insomnia or not. This insomnia can lead to high blood pressure in the human body, even leading to sudden heart attacks. In addition, if a user is addicted to hiking or trekking in the mountains, he can check the blood-oxygen level from time to time.

      During Covid, we became a little more aware of our own health. We are repeatedly noticing how the body is. This is a virus that can severely affect the flow of oxygen in our bloodstream. And in that case OnePlus Band will be very helpful to measure the oxygen level.

      This OnePlus Band has a 1.1-inch colour touch display, 5ATM and IP68 sweat and water resistance, an optical heart-rate sensor. It is capable of giving a continuous battery life of up to 14 days (100mAh battery). The OnePlus Band has sensors on the back that allow it to track blood oxygen levels and heart rates. The fitness tracker band has a total of 13 exercise modes, including Indian favourite yoga and cricket.

      It has a bunch of features like receiving notifications from smartphone, music control, camera shutter, viewing incoming calls, rejecting or catching them, start or stop stopwatch, setting timer / alarm as well as viewing weather forecast. To set up this fitness band, customers need to download the new OnePlus Health app from their smartphones. With the help of this app, users can do everything from notification control to watch face off.

      The fitness tracker has been on sale at, OnePlus Store app, Flipkart, Amazon India, OnePlus Exclusive Offline Store and all partner outlets since Wednesday, January 13th. Only one black strap is being offered with the OnePlus band. Straps are also available in Gray and navy dual colours. However, users will have to spend Rs 399 for them.

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