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      One UI 3 Update on Samsung Galaxy M30s, Learn Now

      What Samsung has started; the rest is getting harder to survive right now! Do you know why? The South Korean smartphone maker is updating Android 11 on almost all the latest smartphones at the speed of a storm. Samsung has already released this Android 11 update on a bunch of the latest smartphones recently. Even several other midrange smartphones have got Samsung’s One UI 3. Now Samsung Galaxy M30s has started getting Android 11 based One UI 3 update.

      Samsung’s budget device Galaxy M30s is getting almost all the benefits of Android 11. These include, for example, chat bubbles, selecting notification areas according to conversations, one-time permissions, and more advanced services for privacy and security. In addition, Samsung’s One UI 3 update will add more advanced features to the system, including the system interface and apps.

      The next generation of Samsung’s popular Galaxy M30 model, the Galaxy M30s, was launched with the Exynos 9611 processor. The Galaxy M30 smartphone had an Exynos 7904 processor, which is much less advanced than the Exynos 9611 chipset. Samsung noticed very closely that the Exynos 9611 is much more efficient. And with that in mind, Samsung launched a bunch of phones with Exynos 9611 processors last year. That list includes the Galaxy M31, M21, M31s, A50s, and A51.

      Samsung is offering 10nm chipsets on most of these midrange smartphones. Once the device is updated, software optimization for the processor is not a stressful task, and that’s why Samsung is so quick to upgrade. This update of Android 11 platform is first available for Samsung Galaxy M31 smartphone.

      Samsung has always lagged behind in terms of software upgrades. But in the meantime, the South Korean smartphone-maker is the first in this ecosystem. So far, a total of 18 devices have received the latest One UI 3 update for Android 11. Samsung is now right behind Google in software updates. There is no other Android OEM near these two companies at the moment.

      However, this update includes a bunch of more smartphones from Samsung. In that list, the Galaxy M51, A50, A21s, A31, A70, A80, A71 and Tab S6 and Tab S6 Lite – all these phones are left. According to the company, all these handsets will receive updates in due course.

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