Friday, March 31, 2023
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      Not four people, from now on Ludo King can be played online with six people

      There is nothing new to say about Ludo’s popularity as an indoor game. Everyone from eight to eighty likes to cut colourful dice. However, over time, that is likely to change. Leaving the Ludo board wrapped in paper, people are playing this game through the app on their smartphones. Courtesy Ludo King. This time there are two new modes in this app, through which 6 people can play Ludo together online.

      Ludo King recently added Quick Ludo and Five to Six Player Ludo modes for their mobile and desktop versions. Where players can finish a match in less time instead of playing for a long time. Again, instead of just four people, six people can play games together. Not only that, players can also do voice chat while playing Ludo.

      According to Gametion Technologies, the creator of Ludo King, the Quick Ludo feature will allow anyone to play games in less time. Where a typical Ludo game takes 15 to 40 minutes, the game can be completed in 5 minutes in quick mode.

      Again, in five to six player Ludo mode, six players can play Ludo at the same time instead of four. For a long time, these six player modes were available in the offline mode of Ludo King. However, from now on this facility will also be available in online mode.

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