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    Nissan is going to give a ‘surprise’ before the launch of Magnite on December 2! What?

    Nissan is desperate to solidify the soles of its feet in India’s growing passenger car market. In this case, Magnite is going to be their new bet. The Japanese car makers are going to launch this SUV on December 2. Along with the launch of new cars, Nissan is going to be the gift of more advanced and comprehensive service to win the hearts of the customers.


    The Magnite is priced from Rs 4.99 lakh to Rs 9.35 lakh (ex-showroom).

    Nissan Magnite Variants:

    Nissan offers the sub-4m SUV in five variants: XE, XL, XV, XV Premium and XV Premium (O).

    Prior to the launch of the Magnite SUV, Nissan has been working to build an improved customer service network. They have contracted with various companies to provide sophisticated services to the customers before and after the sale of the car. As part of this, it will be possible for a customer to add additional features of their choice to Magnite. In addition, Nissan has entered into an agreement with an e-commerce company to give customers the opportunity to buy cars online. They have taken steps to make it easier for customers to access finance services. Not only that, customers are also being given the opportunity of virtual test drive. Customers will be able to experience this virtual drive from their personal devices at home.

    Nishan plans to set up its own service centres and showrooms across the country in the interest of better customer service. At present, they have added 30 new service centres and 20 new showrooms in different parts of the country. Through this the customers will get the required service.

    In a word, before the launch of Magnite, inside the outfit Rob Nissan. They do not want to make any mistake in winning the hearts of the customers. However, only time will tell how much the Magnite will succeed in cutting the stain on the minds of Indian customers.

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