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    Multiple OTT platforms including Hotstar, ZEE5 can be seen in Airtel Xstream Box Premium Plan

    Nowadays, modern services like Android TV have made the general direct-to-home service smarter and better. Ordinary TV viewers have now got a taste of the OTT platform. Instead of watching what is going on TV, they want the freedom to watch the content of their choice. With this demand in mind, Airtel continues to integrate multiple OTT platforms with their Android-based Xstream Box. Airtel’s Xstream Box can now be purchased in two variants – Basic and Premium. The basic plan was already available. In addition to Basic, this time there is a premium plan, in which the benefits of various OTT platforms will be available. There is also a 10% discount on set-top box prices if purchased online. This is why ADTV10 should be used during billing.

    Airtel Xstream Box Basic Plan

    The Airtel Xstream Box Basic plan was already available. With this plan a new user can get Xstream Premium subscription for free one month with Box. It will cost Rs 2,499 to avail this plan. There is no other OTT platform here. But if the user wants, he can take a package with more than 1899 rupees. This package includes Disney + Hotstar VIP, ZEE5 Premium and Airtel Xstream Premium subscriptions for 1 year.

    Airtel Xstream Box Premium Plan

    The Airtel Xstream Box offers many more benefits than the basic plan. But the higher the benefits, the higher the price. For new buyers, the plan will offer an Airtel Xstream Box hybrid set-top box, which will run on the Android TV platform. Airtel will give a channel pack of Rs 482 completely free for 7 days. After 7 days, the user will be able to recharge the digital TV pack of his choice.

    The plan also offers one-year Amazon Prime subscription, one-year ZEE5 Premium subscription, Disney + Hotstar VIP membership etc. Besides, Airtel has its own Xstream Premium for one year. Let’s take a look at how much it costs to subscribe to all these OTT platforms separately.

    Amazon Prime subscription for one-year costs 999 rupees. The one-year ZEE5 Premium subscription costs Tk 999, while the Disney + Hotstar VIP membership costs Tk 399. Also available for Rs 1,299 is the Airtel Xstream Premium subscription hall. In other words, the total cost is 3698 rupees. But you can get so many subscriptions on Airtel Xstream Box Premium Plan for only rs 2,399. The Airtel Xstream Box premium plan with set-top box will cost Rs 4,698.

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