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      #MonsterReloaded: One unbeatable combo 90Hz refresh rate display, 8nm Exynos 850 processor, true 48MP quad camera and a 6000mAh battery

      #MonsterReloaded appeared at Samsung’s camp with a bang, easily losing 12 celebrities in a trivial manner. And if any of you haven’t followed up on this episode, let me tell you the whole story in a nutshell! One side was completely bifurcated, where the task of 12 celebrities was the Galaxy M12 with a giant 6000mAh battery that has an 8nm Exynos 850 processor, somehow the battery of that phone has to be exhausted. At the same time, there was another camp, another camp, where Galaxy M12 snatched the victory by betting on everyone. And as expected, the Team 12, however, could not finish the Samsung Galaxy M12’s powerful 6000mAh battery, so it gave up. The heroic smartphone of the #MonsterReloaded challenge got the last laugh after hitting the thorns of 12 famous celebrities of the country.

      Actor Sarah Dan Daisy was the first to take part in the challenge, at a time when smartphones were all 100% charged. But after hundreds of attempts, he failed miserably and threw the challenge to Hanker Angad Bedi. But Angad also failed to match the performance of Galaxy M12. And then he passed the challenge to actor Saini Gupta. He too could not do anything in the end and the challenge then went to cricketer Varun Sood. Varun also tried a lot to get rid of this powerful battery, but failed and brought the battery of the phone to 74%!!!

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      But the most surprising thing is that every celebrity has tried to use the phone as much as possible. Whether he uses the phone’s real 48MP quad-camera or not, he tests gaming performance with an attractive 90Hz refresh rate. One more thing to admit, the phone is made excellent by the 8nm Exynos 850 processor.

      Right after that, actor Shriya Pilgaonkar took up the #MonsterReloaded challenge. But he also failed to finish the Galaxy M12’s Zanderel battery and as before the challenge goes to Amaya Dastur. The same thing happened to him. When actor Sumit Vass accepted the challenge, the device came in at 59% charge after so many stars in the hands. Sumit thought, maybe he will make history! But in the end he also failed. But do you know why this Galaxy M12 is called Monster Reloaded? He has a good reason. The mystery will be revealed as soon as the phone goes to the next celebrity.

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      But model Asim Riaz, Sion Boxy, actor Ahna Kumra and Isha Rebba all manipulated the phone, failed after doing all the work and the battery of the phone went to 15%.

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      When our favourite actor Amit Sadh finally accepted the challenge, the phone battery reached 8% soon after he took it in hand. But even after hundreds of attempts, Amit could not finish the full battery of Galaxy M12!

      The challenge chapter is now past! It’s time to take the smartphone in our hands. And with that comes the time to understand why this device is being called #MonsterReloaded.

      First of all, this phone has an impressive 90Hz refresh rate display …

      With the help of which every time you use the phone, it will feel new! The front of the phone has a bizarre 6.5 “HD + Infinity-V display, paired with a 90Hz refresh rate, so you won’t want to pick up any other smartphone. Save experience – Galaxy M12 will tell you what kind of device you have,

      it has 8nm Exynos 850 Processor …

      The extraordinary processor will make the experience of looking at the phone better. Speaking of competition, other processors on the market at the moment are usually 11nm, but the Galaxy M12 has a very thin and power efficient 8nm Exynos 850 processor, which will help you carry the phone anytime, anywhere very easily and The battery will not run out in any way.

      This smartphone has a real 48MP quad-camera …

      With the help of this great camera you can take pictures of the whole world in new light. This phone has a real 48MP sensor as the primary camera, paired with an 8MP ultraviolet sensor and another 2MP macro sensor with a 2MP depth sensor. This phone has an amazing 48MP quad camera with ISOCELL GM2 sensor. With the help of this, the clarity of the picture will be excellent and the detailing you have not seen before! Its resolution is more excellent than the normal resolution, the image is transparent to transparent, able to give extraordinary clear image and video output without any mistakes. And to keep some impeccable moments framed in the deepest corners of the mind, this phone has an 8MP front facing camera that will take interesting selfies.

      Finally, a powerful 6000mAh battery …

      The USP of the Galaxy M12 phone is this impeccable battery. Although it has more than one interesting feature. When you realize the end of the phone’s battery after a lot of work, multiple tasks, favourite shows, social media – so much work, then the 15W Type-C Fast Charger out of the box will fully charge your phone in an instant. And even after so many things, one has to say that smartphones with such features at such a low price will not be found anywhere.

      Yes, then the real thing! Price …

      The Galaxy M12 is seriously considered by competitors to be one of the surprises in the budget segment. The 4GB RAM + 64GB internal storage model of this phone is priced at just Rs 10,999 and the 6GB RAM + 128GB internal storage variant of the phone is priced at Rs 13,499. The price combination of these two storages has really made the Galaxy M12 phone impeccable. This smartphone will again support Dolby ATMOS speakers, while you listen to music with headphones. The Galaxy M12 also has Wide vine L1 certification to make your streaming experience great and enjoyable, which will help you watch your stream content in HD. Out of the box, the Galaxy M12 will run OneUI Core, which will be based on the latest Android 11 version. The device features a super-fast face unlock feature and a side-mounted fingerprint scanner to enhance the phone’s security.

      Let’s come, when will the Samsung Galaxy M12 be available, in that context. You can buy this smartphone from March 18, 2021 at Samsung E-Store, and all the reputed retail outlets in the country. This Galaxy M12 will be available in black, blue and white colour variants.

      There are also bonus offers for your Galaxy M12 purchase!

      With the launch of this device, some lucrative offers have been brought for the users. If you go to buy this smartphone using ICICI credit card, you will get instant cashback of Rs.1000 in both EMI and non-EMI. Also, if you go to buy this phone using ICICI debit card, there is a cashback of 1000 rupees in EMI transaction. The Galaxy M12 (4GB RAM + 64GB internal storage variant) will be handed over to you for just Rs 9,999.

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