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      Mistakenly transferred funds to someone else’s account? Find out what you can do to get your money back

      If you can prove that you have deposited money by mistake, you can get it back.

      Online transactions have skyrocketed due to Corona. Payment, money transfer are all online. But many times, things like transferring money to the wrong account while making early payments are happening now. Frightened, we wonder how to get the money back. Let’s see what to do in this situation. In such a situation, first of all, inform the bank about the incident. The bank will investigate whether your money has been transferred to another account by mistake or if someone has done it illegally. When the investigation is over, the bank will refund your full money but you have to fulfil some conditions.

      • First of all, turn off ATM card numbers and internet banking services.
      • Complain to the police about this. A copy of the FIR has to be submitted to the bank.
      • The bank will investigate your lost money on the basis of FIR. If you are a victim of any fraud, you will get your money back.
      • If you mistakenly transfer money to another account, first go to the bank and see whose account the money has been deposited in.
      • Contact the bank of the person in whose account the money has been deposited.
      • If you can prove that you have deposited money by mistake, you can get it back.
      • According to the rules of the Reserve Bank, if you withdraw money from the account without your consent, you have to inform the bank within 3 days.

      Taking all these steps can save you money. The bank will refund the money to your account.

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