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      Micromax is coming up with a very cheap 5G technology smartphone

      At the very end of 2020, Desi Micromax is making a comeback in India with the launch of multiple smartphones in In Series. This time the company is appearing with the cheapest 5G phone in the country. Rahul Sharma, co-founder of Micromax, said engineers at the company’s research and development center in Bangalore have been working tirelessly to deliver low-cost 5G handsets to Indians. And if Micromax can catch the eye with the launch of 5G smartphones in the coming days, then the company will throw a big challenge in front of the famous phone manufacturers of Motorola, Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, Oppo, Samsung!

      Rahul, the co-founder of the company, talks to the users every month through a program called Let’s Talk. He answers all the questions to understand the needs and difficulties of the users. There, Rahul recently informed that the two mobiles of Micromax In Series i.e. Micromax In Note 1 and Micromax In 1B are being continuously updated. And as a result of that update, the camera setup of the two phones is not going to be great. With him, all the problems related to security are also being solved.

      In the words of Rahul Sharma, ‘Soon we are going to launch Micromax’s cheap 5G smartphone. We are committed to delivering 5G handsets to Indians at the lowest prices. Our engineers are working day and night to launch the Micromax 5G phone with modern features. Besides, Rahul also said that Micromax will also launch wireless earphones, earbuds and power banks in the coming days. His message was, “Soon the company is going to launch such a listening and listening product that will compete with most of the devices available in the market.”

      Rahul Sharma further assured the users about the latest technology, saying, “No matter what device the company launches in the coming days, it will be equipped with the latest technology.” At the same time, their look will be eye-catching and the best in the industry. “Soon Micromax will launch a smartphone with a bunch of interesting features, including a 6GB RAM, high display refresh rate, and a very powerful processor,” Rahul said in a conversation with users in this manner last December. And now the experts think that 5G technology may be offered in that high-end device of Micromax.

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