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      Mi Smart Clock and Mi 360 ° Home Security Camera 2K Pro Launched with Google Assistant

      Xiaomi launched Redmi Note 9T and Redmi 9T in the global market yesterday. However, the company has also launched two smart products called Mi Smart Clock and Mi 360 ° Home Security Camera 2K Pro. Mi Smart Clock is Xiaomi’s first Google Assistant clock. The Mi 360 Degree Home Security Camera 2K Pro comes with a 3-megapixel camera. Meanwhile, it is not yet known when these products will be launched in other countries including India.

      Price of Mi Smart Clock and Mi 360 ° Home Security Camera 2K Pro

      The Mi Smart Clock is priced at 49.99 Euros, which is around Rs 4,500. The M360 degree home security camera 2K Pro is priced at 59.99 Euros (about Rs 5,400).

      Specification of Mi Smart Clock

      The Mi Smart Clock comes with a 3.97-inch colour touch display. Its resolution is 800 × 400 pixels. It supports Bluetooth 5.0. Again, there is a micro USB port on the back. This is the company’s first device with Google Assistant. As a result, it will support the voice control feature. It can show various information including time, calendar, weather. Again, it has Chromecast support. It weighs 272 grams.

      Specification of Mi 360 ° Home Security Camera 2K Pro

      The most striking feature of the M360 Degree Home Security Camera 2K Pro is the use of Active Noise Cancellation technology with dual microphones. It also has a 3-megapixel camera, which can capture images with a resolution of 2304 × 1296 pixels and f / 1.4 aperture.

      It will support hands-free voice control via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa (new update). It also has Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity. There is also a micro USB port for charging. It weighs 349 grams.

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