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      Mi Mix 4 will be launch soon, is the port less ‘Waterfall’ display in this model?

      Xiaomi is going to update the Mi Mix line-up of premium segment smartphones. And it may be too soon! The company added the Mi Mix 3 5G handset to this line-up for the last time in 2019. A lot of time has passed since then. This time the confirmed message from Xiaomi is that Mi Mix 4 will appear in the market soon.

      Redmi’s general manager and Xiaomi executive, Lu Weibing, confirmed the message. During a Q&A session on Weibo, he was asked, “Will Xiaomi fans see the next Mi Mix series smartphone at all?” Although he did not elaborate on the answer, Weibing indicated that the company is currently working hard on Mi’s new Mix device.

      Meanwhile, the Android Authority has also released a teaser of the phone. In that teaser, there is ambiguity surrounding the image of the phone, but the brand name is Mi Mix. However, the specifications, features, design or pricing of the new flagship series of phones is not yet known. However, it is thought that this phone may have a quad waterfall display and no port or button will be provided.

      According to sources, the new Mi Mix device may have an under-display selfie camera. Xiaomi was the one to show the technology to the world in 2019. Earlier, the company has done multiple researches on selfie cameras of Mi Mix devices. For example, the Mi Mix and Mi Mix 2 smartphones were given a selfie camera at the bottom right of the screen. Again, the Mi Mix 3 phone’s selfie camera slider was hidden behind the screen! However, Xiaomi did not walk that road with the Mi Mix Alpha model selfie camera.

      If this is new news from Mi’s Mix range, then there is good news for Mi’s tablet fans too! That’s right! Because, there is news that Xiaomi is going to launch the tablet in the rumoured market of this smartphone. When the managing director of the company was asked this question on Weibo, he said that Xiaomi will soon come up with a new tablet.

      Although the name of the product, Weibing did not give any indication about the details of the specifications. Xiaomi last launched the tab in 2018. The company’s Mi Pad 4 Plus was also quite popular. That nice tablet was given a Snapdragon 660 chipset and with it an extremely powerful 8,620mAh battery. Fans are looking forward to the launch of this Mi Mix 4 and Xiaomi’s new tablet!

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