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      Message from one app to another, Instagram and Facebook Messenger spread across India

      Facebook wants to facilitate interaction between the various social media platforms they own. To that end, they announced the merger of Instagram and Messenger last month. This integration allows Instagram and Messenger users to chat with each other in both apps. That means you can message your Facebook friend directly from Instagram. There is no need to download the messenger app separately. Instagram gradually started giving these updates in different parts of the world. This time the update also reached Indian users.

      Today, Instagram users on Android and iOS receive new update messages. This new update shows an option for this integration. Users can update later if they want. After the update, the Instagram Direct icon becomes the Messenger icon. Instagram users can now message their Facebook friends from here. However, once updated to this new messaging format, there will be no way to go back to the old version.

      The company has added some new features to Instagram in addition to chatting with friends. These features include changing the colour of the chat, reacting with emojis, replying to messages by swiping, and creating selfie stickers. The inbox is still pretty much the same as before. However, when you open the chat, you will notice some changes if you change the colour of the chat. The colours of the chat have three special themes – Love, Tie Dye and Halloween. There are also different colours and gradients. You can keep it as before without making any changes if you want.

      Not only Instagram, but also Messenger has changed a lot as a result of this integration. This month, Facebook has mixed the Messenger logo with blue and pink, which looks a lot like Instagram. Facebook has also announced new chat themes, custom reactions, selfie stickers and vanish mode. The new features will no doubt enhance the user experience.

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