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      Maruti Suzuki Car Prices Hike: Car prices are going up in the new year, learn more

      Thinking of buying a new car? But buy it before the new year without delay. If not, you may have to spend more money to buy the car of your choice. Because Maruti Suzuki (Maruti Suzuki Car Prices Hike) announced to increase the price of the car . They have been increasing the price of cars since January 2021. Explaining the reason for this, the country’s largest passenger car manufacturer said that the cost of production has increased due to the increase in the price of raw materials last year. That is why they have no choice but to increase prices.

      However, Maruti Suzuki authorities did not say how much the price of the car will be increased. However, according to the news, the amount of price increase may be different for different models. Meanwhile, Maruti Suzuki’s share price started rising after the news of the car price hike was announced. Shares of the company rose 0.34 per cent to Rs 6,734.30 on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) at the close of trading on Thursday.

      document filed with the stock exchange, Maruti Suzuki authorities said, ‘The company’s cars have been severely affected in the last one year due to rising production costs. That is why the company is being forced to share the increased cost with customers (Maruti Suzuki Car Prices Hike) from January 2021 by increasing the price of the car.

      Sales of Maruti Suzuki cars have been on the rise for several months in a row, but it hit last November. 1 lakh 35 thousand 85 units of cars were sold in that month. The number in November 2019 was 1 lakh 39 thousand 133. In other words, their passenger car sales in November this year decreased by 2.4 percent compared to November last year.

      Although the business of other car companies has grown at a rapid pace during this time. Tata Motors’ business grew by 108 percent. On the other hand, Kia Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra’s car sales grew by 50 per cent and 24 per cent, respectively.

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