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      Learn how to remove a password from a PDF file


      PDF (Portable Document Format) – a very important file format that allows us to easily transfer or read various text files on the phone or computer. However, many times PDFs are encrypted with a password. But repeatedly opening a PDF file with a password is quite annoying. Sometimes there is a possibility of forgetting the password.
      In this case you can remove the password from any PDF in two easy ways. For this you need to use either Adobe Acrobat Pro or use the standard tool that comes with Windows OS so that no special software is required.

      How to remove a password from a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Pro:

      First of all, Adobe Acrobat Pro and Adobe Acrobat Reader are two completely different software. In this case you either have to buy Acrobat Pro or use a free trial.

      1. First, open the password-protected PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Pro.

      2. Then click on the lock icon on the left side of the window then click on ‘Permission Details’. You can also navigate to File / Properties and click on the ‘Security’ tab.

      3. Now click on the ‘Security Method’ box and select the ‘No Security’ option from the drop-down menu. Then click on the ‘OK’ option to create a new PDF file!

      How to remove a password from a PDF using the standard tool of Windows OS:

      In this case, by using the ‘Print to PDF’ feature, you can easily remove the password from a PDF.

      1. To do this, first open the password-protected PDF file from Google Chrome or another browser.

      2. Then click on the ‘Print’ button in the upper right to open the dialog box.

      3. Now a print preview window will open in front of you, from there click on the ‘Change’ button. Then change the name of the file by clicking on the ‘Save as PDF’ option and save it in the specified storage.

      This way you can use your new PDF file without a password, and it will not change the content or quality.

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