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      Learn how to change the screen saver of Android TV, easy way

      Thanks to technology, hand phones, watches and even TVs have become ‘smart’. Android smart TVs are now more popular than ordinary LED, OLED, LCD TVs. However, Android TV is not customizable like Android phones, so you can’t use many features on Android TV even if you want to. For example, the wallpaper of the home screen of some Android TVs cannot be changed. There is no reason to get confused in this case, even if the wallpaper cannot be changed, you can set and customize the screen saver of the Android TV as you wish. How? Let’s find out the details.

      Like a computer, Android TV features a screen saver with high-quality photos in idle mode. It usually displays time and weather temperatures. However, if you want, you can customize this screen saver. All you need to do is install a third-party application on the TV. The Google Play Store has a lot of screen-saver apps that can change the look of your Android TV screen.

      Follow these simple steps to change the screen-saver on Android TV

      1. Search by typing ‘Screen saver’ or ‘daydream’ in the Play Store search bar, and install any app you like.
      2. Once the screen saver app is installed, go to settings by clicking on the gear icon on the home screen.
      3. Then select the ‘Device Preferences’ option.
      4. Scroll down and select the ‘Screen saver’ option.
      5. From the screen saver menu, click on the ‘Screen saver’ option again.
      . Then select the screen saver you want to use. (In this case, most of the Play Store screen saver application options will open automatically.)

      The more settings you can customize from the screensaver menu are –

      1. When to Start: This option sets the time when the screen saver will start displaying.
      2. Put Device to Sleep: In case of Inactivity, that is, if you do not use the TV, the screen will be off after how long, it can be set from this option.
      3. Start Now: This option is for instant screen saver. You can also preview the screen saver from this option.
      4. Sleep Now: It can be used to turn off the TV screen as needed.
      5. Stay Awake on Music: If this option is on, the TV screen will not be closed during the music application.

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