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    Jio, Vi and Airtel’s eSIM can be achieved this way

    Technology sector is growing day by day. All things are slowly moving towards digital, in this case the space for physical SIM card is running out. Physical SIM cards are being replaced with E-SIM (Embedded Subscriber Identity Module) in various smartphones. Explain that e-SIM (eSIM) can be downloaded directly from the smartphone, no SIM card tray is required for this. Jio, Vi (Vodafone Idea) and Airtel are providing e-SIM facility to their users. Let’s know about e-SIM (eSIM) in detail…
    Advantages and disadvantages of eSIM

    Before knowing how to get an e-sim, it is important to know about the advantages and disadvantages of e-sim. Let us first talk about what are the benefits of E-SIM. This is a good option for those who travel abroad. As soon as you reach abroad you can buy the e-sim directly and it will be delivered to you in a few seconds. On the other hand, if you use a traditional SIM card, then you will have to go to the store and wait in line.
    Another advantage of E-SIM is that you do not need extra space for this. There is also no fear of losing it. At the same time, the first thing to talk about its disadvantage is that e-SIM is expensive. In addition, it works on a few phones. Additionally, bugs and other problems with the e-SIM can be found in the operating system.
    How to buy eSIM?
    If you are a Vodafone Idea customer, you can take an eSim from the Vi Store. However, the company is currently providing this facility only to its postpaid customers. Apart from this, Vi is providing this facility to its consumers in Mumbai, Gujarat, Delhi, Maharashtra and Goa. Users will also need a device with E-SIM support. Users can go to the Vi Store and give their ID proof and complete the KYC process and get the SIM.
    Talking about Jio, consumers can go to the nearest store and get the e-SIM card by showing the required documents. After following all the required spots, users can get an e-SIM card from Jio Store. Airtel has also started the e-SIM facility for its users. For this, users have to SMS 121 by writing eSIM (Space) Register Email ID. After this, users will get an SMS for confirmation. Users have to top 1 within 60 seconds. After this you will have to give your confirmation through voice call. After this you will get the QR code on the register email id. After 2 hours, the e-SIM will be activated.

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