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    Jio 5G network in India in 2021, big announcement by Mukesh Ambani

    The 4th India Mobile Congress started in India on Tuesday. Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani made a big announcement there. Jio is set to launch 5G service in India in 2021, Ambani announced. He also said that Jio’s 5G network will be launched in India in the second half of 2021 using fully indigenous technology.

    ‘Right now India is the best of the few digitally connected countries in the world. So Jio is coming soon with 5G services that are very cheap to take the country further and are available everywhere in India. I can assure the telecom users of the country that the 5G revolution in India will start from the second half of 2021. And Jio will be his guide. Jio will launch 5G network in the country using the country’s developed network, hardware and technology, Mukesh Ambani proudly announced at the 4th Mobile Congress.

    Jio 5G network

    At the same time, Ambani added that 5G networks in every corner of India would actually accelerate the country’s efforts to become ‘self-reliant’. Not only that, with the launch of 5G network, India will play one of the most important role in the world stage in the fourth industrial revolution.

    In his words, ‘Jio’s 5G service will actually witness your inspirational vision of a self-reliant India. I can say with great confidence that the introduction of 5G services in the country will not only help India to take part in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, but will lead the world from the front.

    Sunil Mittal, Chairman, Bharti Airtel, again attended the inaugural function of this Mobile Congress. Where Jio says their 5G network will be launched in the country from 2021, it will take at least 2-3 years for Airtel’s 5G network to roll out in India. This is what Sunil Mittal said. According to him, it will take a little longer to introduce the next generation of mobile technology across India.

    Airtel’s policy makers and the company’s chief executive Gopal Vittal had earlier said that the Airtel 5G network in India is currently under development. At the same time, the company also informed that its spectrum is very expensive.

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