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      Is the smartphone slow? Find out how to make the phone fast

      Smartphones have become as important as oxygen in daily life. Now without phone and internet we are useless. But as our smartphone gets older, its performance slows down a lot. Many times, the hand smartphone is seen to hang strongly. But today we will tell you a few ways that if followed, your slow smartphone will serve as new.

      1. If you notice a little, you will see that everything you do on your smartphone or the app you use remains in the phone memory in the form of ‘Cache’. A lot of the time the phone slows down when Cache is jammed, so it needs to be cleared. You do not need to use any third-party application for this. You can clear the cache of each application by going to the phone’s settings and clicking on the storage option. Most phones have an option called ‘Clear All Cache’, all cache data can be deleted once clicked there.
      2. We have a lot of apps on our smartphones that we don’t use. However, these applications often use the phone’s battery and RAM in the background. In this case, it is better to uninstall these apps. This makes the storage of the phone very empty. However, there are many apps that cannot be uninstalled, in which case you will see the Disable option.
      3. Most users use the Google Chrome browser on their phones. In this case, if you turn on the data saver feature in Chrome, you will get faster internet search results. For this you need to open Chrome first. Then turn on the feature by clicking on the menu <Settings <Data Saver option.

      4. Always keep an eye on the phone for new software updates. In addition to bug fixes, the processing of the phone is greatly improved through many updates. To do this, check the phone’s Settings <System <System Update option. Here you can see when the phone was last updated or if the manufacturer has given a new update.

      5. The last thing I want to talk about is the use of live wallpapers. Many people use live wallpapers to enhance the beauty of their smartphone. Which looks pretty good but affects the performance of the phone. So, we suggest you to use plain wallpaper on the phone and keep the dark mode on most of the time. However, it is always better not to keep the battery saver on.

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