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      IRCTC comes with new website and app, with several interesting features

      Many people now rely on IRCTCRC’s website and app to buy tickets instead of standing at the reservation counter. In this situation, the railways was told to bring new features to make ticket booking easier for passengers in the new year. According to that announcement, this time there is a radical change in the website and app of IRCTC‌’‌. New version of the website in front. So that ticket booking will be faster and easier than before. Passengers will get multiple benefits. That is the demand of the railways.

      It is known that the new website has a lot in common with the previous website. However, multiple features have been added. The option of fixing the destination while booking tickets, which trains go there directly, how many seats are left in which class, all these are new. There are also options to book meals, retiring rooms, hotels on the current train. But the most important change, of course, is increasing the ability of websites or apps to work during busy times. Where before 7500 tickets could be booked in one minute. At present, 10,000 tickets can be booked there in one minute. So that the website does not crash due to extra ticket booking.

      In addition, multiple options have been provided for depositing ticket money. More options have been added. The new website also uses Artificial Intelligence or AI‌. With the help of which a passenger will know which way to enter the station will be more convenient. Moreover, AI will help if someone goes to a new place.

      Not only this, the ticket booking process has also been made easier. If you want to get information about a train of a route, it can be found from a page of the website, even with just one click. After informing the destination, the app or website will inform which trains will go directly on that route. How many seats are vacant in which class of each train and how much is the fare, can be seen together on the new website. On the previous website, only after selecting a train, only the empty seats and fare information of the concerned train could be known. This will also save passengers time. Railway Minister Piyush Goel also praised the railway workers for inaugurating the new version of the website and app.

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