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    IRCTC changed the rules of ticket booking in Corona period, find out the details

    The wheels of the train stopped for a long time in Corona. For now, however, it is a relatively normal long-distance service. Local train movement has also started and is going to happen. So IRCTC made some changes in the ticketing rules for the convenience of the passengers during the epidemic. IRCTC ticket booking rule in Corona period

    The official website for booking train tickets has decided that from now on, a list of second reservations will be made just 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the train. Railways have to provide services keeping in mind thousands of protocols to avoid corona infection. That’s why the second list was being made two hours before the train left. And the first list was made four hours before the train started its journey. So that the names of the passengers can be announced in advance. This avoids hustle and bustle. This time the number of trains is gradually increasing. So, the IRCTC changed the rules to ensure that passengers get tickets even half an hour before the train leaves the station.

    IRCTC ticket booking rule in Corona period

    Passengers will be able to book tickets online at the counter as well as up to 30 minutes before the train leaves. Whoever books first, his seat will be reserved. A statement from Indian Railways said the list of second reservations would be made 30 to 5 minutes before the start of the train’s journey. If someone wants to cancel after booking a ticket, they have to do it within that time. Passengers will get their money back immediately. This rule is undoubtedly their advantage. Because even if you change the plan at the last minute, you will get the money for the cancelled ticket.
    Other IRCTC e-booking rules are similar. Passengers have to reach the station two to one hour before the train leaves. Because the train service will be given to the passengers as per the rules of Covid.

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