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      iPhone SE for only RS 20,900, Maple Store with an offer to make dreams come true

      Almost all of us have a dream of buying an iPhone. But thinking about the pocket, we are satisfied to buy a mid-range smartphone from Xiaomi or Samsung. But now Apple’s premium reseller Maple has come forward to make your dream come true. In fact, at the moment, any model of iPhone 12, iPhone 11 series and other iPhone models will be available at a discount of up to Rs 16,000 from the Maple store in India. Not only that, you will also get instant discount of Rs 8,000 and cashback offer of up to Rs 9,000 on HDFC card. In addition, buyers will be able to book an iPhone model with a 10 percent price, in which case the remaining money must be paid within 15 days. These offers will be valid till January 26.

      First of all, customers will get various offers or discounts only if they buy an iPhone from the Maple Store website and offline store. In this case, a maximum discount of Rs 18,000 will be available on selected iPhone models. In this offer, the 8 GB variant of the iPhone 12 Pro Max phone priced at Rs 126650 will get a discount of Rs 8,000. If you pay using HDFC Bank card, you will get an additional cashback of Rs 5,000.

      On the other hand, the iPhone 12 Pro handset comes with a discount of Rs 3,500 and a cashback of Rs 5,000; The price of this phone is 117900 rupees. Again, after a discount of Rs 3,000, the iPhone 12 model is priced at Rs 76,900, with an additional cashback of Rs 6,000.

      In addition, if you want to buy the iPhone 12 mini phone, you will get a discount of Rs 3,000. However, customers will get a cashback of Rs 9,000 and a debit card of Rs 4,500 if they pay using HDFC Bank’s credit card. Exchanging an old phone with this phone will give you an additional bonus of Rs 3,000, after which you will have to spend Rs 48,900 to buy the phone.

      Interestingly, the iPhone 11 Pro Max priced at Rs 99,900 will be available on the phone for up to Rs 12,000 off, and an additional Rs 2,000 cashback will also be available for HDFC Bank cards. On the other hand, if you buy an iPhone 11 model, you will get a discount of Rs 2,500 and a cashback of Rs 5,000. However, iPhone 11 Pro buyers will only get a cashback of Rs 2,000.

      Meanwhile, if you buy the iPhone XR model, you will get a discount of Rs 2,000. In that case, HDFC Bank will have a cashback of Rs 7,000 on credit cards and Rs 4,500 on debit cards. In addition, an additional exchange bonus of Rs 3,000 will be given. In all, you have to spend Rs 28,900 to buy the phone. The same offer will be available in the iPhone SE (2020) model, after which the phone will cost Rs 20,900. Both phones will have a no-cost EMI option for six months.

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