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      Internet Explorer has been shutting down since November, and will be completely shut down in August

      Last August, the popular multi-tech company Microsoft announced that it would gradually discontinue Internet Explorer 11 services. This process will start from November this year and will be completed by August 2021 next year.

      According to reports, the company has already started preparations for this big step.

      Microsoft is considering moving Internet Explorer 11- or IE 11 users from this web browser to the latest version of the Chromium Engine-based Edge browser, according to a report released today by Billiping Computer. To attract users, Microsoft launched this version of the ‘Microsoft Edge’ browser earlier this year, which is the default browser on all Windows 10 operating systems and displays results from sites that are not compatible with IE 11.

      Users, after being redirected to Microsoft Edge, will be explained the reason for this redirection through a one-time dialog box. It will prompt them to import browsing data, including details such as passwords, search engines, open tabs, settings, cookies and home pages. However, users can continue their sessions in the Edge web browser even if they do not agree to this import option.

      Microsoft said on their support page, “When a site is redirected from Internet Explorer to the Microsoft Edge browser, the website will appear closed in Internet Explorer.” There will also be a Microsoft support page that will explain why you are being redirected.”

      In addition, Microsoft is expected to launch a new Group Policy template. This new group policy will help users control the redirection process. These policies will be available through the ADMX file update from today and will be accessible until the 9th of next month.

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