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    India is not stopping at 267! The center is going to ban a bunch of Chinese apps again

    The central government is going to ban Chinese apps again. According to sources, the center is currently making a new list of banning several more Chinese apps. Exactly which Chinese apps may be shut down, at the moment there is no detailed information about that. However, according to sources, the Indian government may ban all Chinese apps that are still very attractive and have been downloaded in large numbers in the App Store.

    This strategy of the center is as clear as water. The government wants to give the same message by banning the Chinese app repeatedly at different times in different steps. If the ban is first imposed and then the apps are allowed to return to India, the government’s permission is even more important.

    Banned Apps Timeline

    On November 24, 43 new Chinese apps were banned in India. Section 69A of the Indian Information Technology Act bans popular and bunch dating apps like Alibaba workbenches, camcards. The reason given is that these Chinese apps have exposed some of the content to Indians, which is in fact extremely detrimental to the country’s sovereignty, integrity, defence, security and public order.

    The Center is going to decide to ban the Chinese app in the fifth step after a number of Indian soldiers were killed in a Chinese attack in the Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh. For the first time on June 29, a total of 59 Chinese apps were banned in India, including popular apps like TikTok and WeChat. In July, 48 Chinese apps were banned in India in the second phase. On September 2, the Modi government banned a total of 118 Chinese apps in the third phase. Notable among them is the app PUBG. In the fourth step, on November 24, a total of 43 Chinese apps were banned, including popular apps such as AliExpress, WeWorkChina, Camcord and SnackVideo.

    Total Banned Apps Timeline

    So far, a total of 267 Chinese apps have been banned in India. There will be more after that. The rule for banning this app is that the center does not need to send a notice to the company that owns the app in advance or wait for a response. At the same time, the apps can’t run to court and breathe a sigh of relief. Now the question is, is the center going to cut Chinese apps from India in full force? Time will tell. And we have to wait until then.

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