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    India has second highest number of malware attacks after Japan and the United States, according to a new report.

    Malware attacks are on the rise in India. According to a recent report, India is currently the third country in the world (Malware Attack in India) to be hit by malware after the United States and Japan. Acronis has published this sensational report on cyberthreat in 2020. The report further states that 1168 malware detections per 1000 clients per month. In addition, according to the report of the third quarter of 2020, Maze Ransomware detection rate has been 7.8%.

    Malware Attack in India

    The report warns users about cybercrime, saying that cybercriminals are looking for clues to data exhilaration from the data encryption of various companies in India. The report states, ‘Ransomware attacks are on the rise in India at the moment. In 2020, many companies in India have been attacked by ransomware. Acronis’ report clearly shows that cyber criminals are trying to increase their financial gain. Their purpose is not just to collect content. At the same time, decrypting data by collecting ransom again, stealing ownership and stealing data before encrypting at some point. And then they release the stolen data to the public, the value of which no one can choke.

    The report also says that cyber-attacks have been reported almost universally in 2020, even in Indian companies. Malware Attack in India). And the target of this attack is the cyber criminals, the employees of a remote area of ​​an organization. The report fears that this number could rise further in 2021.

    But why is it that a worker working in a remote area is being targeted?

    Tech experts say that in remote areas, first of all, it is easy for cyber criminals to hack the network of the employee and the company he works for. Second, since the employee is at work from home, he or she is unable to use the company’s corporate network. If it is a corporate network, its security is higher, which is not the case in any normal network. And just left-handed play to cyber criminals who have access to that network!

    Rajesh Chhabra, Global Business Development Leader, Inside Sales, Acronis, says, “When it comes to solving this big problem and strategy, first of all, traditional cybersecurity is declining in India and around the world. And the biggest reason for this is the very weak technology and human error. If we can eliminate these two problems will be much less. Rajesh Chabra added, ‘Cyber ​​criminals are changing the way they attack. And so, the protection and security of Indian organizations need to be further advanced.

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