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      Increased the duration of Instagram Live, talk with followers for 4 hours

      Instagram users do live video sessions just like Facebook to talk directly to their followers. Live sessions of popular personalities are quite popular on Instagram. But for so long, Instagram Live had a one-hour deadline. But recently Instagram has made some changes to their live video feature. Since then, the duration of Instagram Live has been extended to 4 hours. Users can also save their live video for up to 30 days.

      In fact, the amount of Instagram Live has increased since the lockdown. With that, the number of live viewers has also increased. In a country like India, Instagram Live viewing has increased by 60%. With this in mind, Instagram authorities are going to make these changes to the live video feature.

      Now, instead of 1 hour, Instagram users can live up to 4 hours. As a result, more engagement with followers will be possible. In addition, Instagram will give users up to 30 days before deleting live video. Any user can save the video within this period. Instagram live videos will be stored in the ‘Live Archive’ and only you will see them. Within 30 days, you can save the Instagram live video or upload it to IGTV.

      A new ‘Live Now’ section has also been added to the IGTV app and the Explore section of Instagram. The ‘Live Now’ section appears at the top of the Explore page. In the Instagram app, the ‘Explore’ button can be seen in the top right corner next to the Messenger button at the top.

      Recent features on Instagram suggest that the company is focusing more on the video medium. Naturally, video attracts more viewers than any other medium. That’s why Instagram has launched IGTV and Reels features along with live video. Shortly after TikTok was banned from India, Instagram’s release feature gave the opportunity to create short and fun videos like TikTok. In the case of live video, these changes on Instagram also facilitated long-sized videos. These features are available to users all over the world.

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