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    If your mobile WiFi is very slow, then increase internet speed in this way

    Slow WiFi Speeds Nowadays there will be hardly anyone who does not use internet in their smartphone. These days, we have become dependent on the Internet for every small need. In such a situation, if you are using WiFi in your mobile and are worried about the slow speed, then you can increase the speed of your WiFi by following some common measures. While using the internet through Wi-Fi, many of us see that the speed has become very slow. Although this can also happen due to slowing down of Wi-Fi network, but if you have checked the Wi-Fi network and it is running slow only in Smartphone then speed can be increased in these ways. is.

    Frequency band setting

    Significantly, in auto mode, older phones support the 2.5 GHz frequency band for Wi-Fi, while newer smartphones operate over the 5 GHz frequency band. In this case, check the Wi-Fi settings in your phone and keep the band on auto, so that your phone will change itself according to the spectrum band. For this, go to Settings and open the Wi-Fi settings. Then the top three dots will appear on the right, which is the Wi-Fi menu. Clicking on it will get the option of advance here, tap on it. In this, you have to choose the Wi-Fi frequency and auto reset it.

    Settings can be found differently in some smartphones This setting is found in some phones. If Wi-Fi is slow, it will not connect to Wi-Fi for data and will work on mobile networks only. For this, you have to go to the advanced settings of Wi-Fi and select ‘Avoid Poor Connection’ option there. In this way you can increase wifi speed

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