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      If you return the old phone, you will get up to 80 percent price, Xiaomi has launched Mi Smart Upgrade

      Over the past few years, Xiaomi has built a strong foothold in the global smartphone market, including in Asia. The company’s devices have easily made it to the list of common people’s favourites for their low price, high features and high quality. Xiaomi’s latest phones have been selling like hot cakes even though the ‘Boycott China’ sound continues in India! Meanwhile, the company is not doing anything wrong to attract customers. The Chinese tech giant has recently launched a new buyback scheme for its Redmi and Mi sub-brand devices. With the help of this special buyback scheme called ‘Mi Smart Upgrade’, users will get up to 70% price of the device if they return it after the specified time of purchase. For those who exchange old phones for new ones every year, this scheme can be quite useful.

      What are the benefits of ‘Mi Smart Upgrade’ scheme?

      Thus, when exchanging Xiaomi’s old phone, the price is a bit higher than other brands. However, under this special program, customers can exchange the used phone for a new one a few months after purchasing their new phone and get 40-60% buyback value on the SRP (Suggested Retail Price) of the old device. In this case, it will take up to 15 months to upgrade or exchange the device.

      Through the ‘Mi Smart Upgrade’ scheme, users will get up to 80% off the price if they exchange within 4-6 months of buying a new phone. If you return the old phone within 8-9 months, you will get 80% buyback value. On the other hand, if the age of the device is 10-12 months or 13-15 months, 50% and 40% price will be available respectively.

      Which Xiaomi phones do the Mi Smart Upgrade scheme apply to?

      First of all, this ‘Mi Smart Upgrade’ program is only for six specific Redmi phones (Redmi 9 Prime, Redmi 9, Redmi Note 9, Redmi Note 9 Pro, Redmi Note 9 Pro Max and Redmi K20 Pro) and three Mi phones (Mi 10, Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro). However, the buyer interested in accessing this buyback scheme will have to spend some extra money. In other words, if you spend a little more money when buying a phone, you will get a higher price for an old phone. Remember that this facility is available only if you buy a phone from Mi Store

      Cost for Mi Smart Upgrade

      In this case Redmi 9 Prime and Redmi 9 will cost 399 rupees for the two phones, Redmi Note 9 and Redmi Note 9 Pro will cost 499 rupees and 549 rupees respectively. Again, the buyback facility for the Redmi Note 9 Pro Max phone will cost Rs 599. The buyback option of Redmi K20 Pro starts from Rs. On the other hand, the buyback options of the company’s premium smartphones Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro start from Rs 1,499 and Rs 1,899 respectively. For the latest model in the list i.e. Mi 10 phone, you have to spend Rs 1,999 to choose the Mi Smart upgrade option.

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