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      Huge opportunity for internet users! ACT Fibernet is offering 1000GB of data for free

      The competition in the broadband sector is increasing day by day. And that is why telecom companies are coming up with new plans one after another to attract the attention of the customers. At such a juncture, ACT Fibernet offered customers 20 percent additional data and a total of 1000GB of data for free. ACT Fibernet offers customers the opportunity to enjoy this huge amount of data on an annual plan without any additional charges.

      ACT Fibernet’s Rs 799 Broadband Plan –

      The company’s plan is called Silver Promo Broadband Plan. If a user subscribes to this plan for 6 months, he will be able to use a total of 1000GB of data for free. Besides, the company will not charge any installation charge to those who want to take this plan again. Thus, in this plan, users get the opportunity to enjoy up to 1000GB of data with FUP limit per month. But customers will get this special service without FUP limit in the promotional plan.

      ACT Fibernet’s Rs 1049 Broadband Plan –

      This special plan of ACT Fibernet is called Platinum Promo Broadband Plan. The company is offering 2000GB of data per month to the users in this plan. If a user subscribes to this plan for 6 months, he will be offered a free installation as well as the opportunity to enjoy an additional 1000GB of internet. Users will be charged Rs 6,294 for using this plan for 6 months. Also, the most interesting aspect of this plan is the offer of free Netflix subscription and cashback of Rs 100.

      ACT Fibernet’s Rs 1349 broadband plan –

      The company’s name is Diamond plan. This plan offers ACT Fibernet users up to 3TB of data with FUP limit at 300Mbps speed. This plan is offered by the company with two semi-annual plans. Users will have to pay Rs 8,094 for a 6-month subscription in the first package. Instead the company is offering customers 1000GB of data with one month of extra free service, free Wi-Fi router and 6 months validity. The plan also offers free Netflix subscriptions and up to Rs 350 cashback. In terms of other benefits, users can enjoy all the packages except one-month free service in this plan.

      ACT Fibernet’s 20% Additional Data Offer –

      ACT Fibernet is offering 20% ​​additional data to customers who subscribe to the company’s annual plan. This plan offers users a standard 1000GB of free data, which is valid for the entire subscription period. Now suppose, you have subscribed to the Rs 799 plan for one year with Rs 16,188. ACT Fibernet customers will be able to use a total of 1000GB internet with 20% additional data offer on that plan. In addition, customers get a cashback of Rs 350 with a free Netflix subscription on this plan.

      However, according to sources, the prices of the ACT Fibernet plan have been adjusted without any tax. It is learned that the cost of all these plans may increase a little after the tax is paid. For now, ACT Fibernet has made this special internet offer available for Delhi users. However, it is not yet known when people in other parts of the country will be able to use ACT Fibernet.

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