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      Huawei does not want to compromise with Google


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      Huawei’s High Silicon Division relies on US-made software and components to make the chip. Huawei will not be able to enlist the help of any US company to make the Kirin chip because of an executive order from President Donald Trump. However, Huawei chairman Guo Ping is not worried about the matter. He said Huawei would have a temporary problem if it could not produce flagship phone chips. But I believe the problem will be solved.
      Huawei is also optimistic about HarmonyOS instead of Android. Currently 600 million people are using HarmonyOS. In this regard, Goo said, many people want to use the new operating system. I have been with Android for so long. Now it’s your turn to make your system successful. He said this at a meeting held for the workers this week.

      Huawei will not be back with its own customized Kirin chipset. Because after September 14, they will not get any Kirin chipset. The Huawei 40 series will be launched in October with the high-end chip Kirin 1020 for the last time. The phone could hit the market early next year.

      In this regard, Guo Ping said, even in bad situations should not be without any opportunity. Huawei will invest heavily in the high-silicon division to cut the impact of U.S. sanctions. High silicon will be strong in the next few years. The situation in the United States has been a curse for Huawei.
      Creating their own mobile service ecosystem is certainly a bold decision. However, we have shown good success in the first year of the ban.

      Since the ban was imposed on Huawei in 2019, the company’s top executives have shown more interest in forging a relationship with Google. But now they are talking face to face about competing with Google. They claim that if it survives for a long time, Huawei will create a top operating system at some point.

      However, according to many experts, it is almost impossible to overtake Google. Especially quality chipsets will be the most difficult to make.

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