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      How to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone? Learn the way

      Due to the huge popularity of WhatsApp , many people are now forced to use this messaging app. More and more customers are being attracted to WhatsApp because everyone around is on this platform. In a word, it is now possible to use WhatsApp on almost all smartphones. More and more people are starting to use this app as the benefits of payment, voice and video calls have been added through WhatsApp recently. Merchants are also using this messaging app to communicate with customers.

      For all these reasons, WhatsApp has gained huge popularity all over the world. The US instant messaging app has left the competitors far behind. At the moment it is possible to open a general or business account through WhatsApp. However, WhatsApp can be logged from a single number on a phone. Even if it is a dual SIM phone, you can log in to the WhatsApp app from a single number.

      However, many companies offer simultaneous login to two WhatsApp numbers on their smartphones. How to log in to WhatsApp using multiple numbers on the same phone? Take a look:

      How to log in to WhatsApp using multiple numbers on smartphone?

      1. Almost all Android phones have the option to Clone or Duplicate an app. Different companies have given different names to this feature. This feature can be found in Oppo phone Clone Apps, Asus phone Twin Apps, Samsung phone Dual Messenger, Xiaomi phone Dual App.
      2. First, open Settings on your Android smartphone.
      3. Then find the Dual App feature from the Settings menu and open it.
      4. Once you find this feature, open it and select WhatsApp. You can also use this feature in apps like Facebook and Instagram.
      5. Enable cloning after selecting WhatsApp. Now give a new name to the new version. This will make it easier to recognize the two versions.
      6. Then when you come back to the home screen you will see two separate WhatsApp icons.
      7. Now you have to start setting up a new account by tapping on the newly created WhatsApp icon. Finish setting up this account using the second number.
      8. When all the processes are done properly, you can start using WhatsApp from two accounts simultaneously on the same phone.

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