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      How to easily edit PDF file online, signature can also be added

      The use of PDFs has become an integral part of our lives today. Many rare books or documents reach the enthusiastic researcher through PDF. In various institutional functions, the PDF of any notice or instruction field is widely used. Again, many times we have to add new information, annotations, signatures, etc. to some documents for different needs. As a result, the PDF file needs to be edited. Today we will look for a website through which PDF files can be easily edited.

      Xodo PDF Reader and Editor is a tool that allows you to add any topic you want to a PDF file. For this you will need a Windows computer or laptop. With PDF editing you can also create new documents. Moreover, it can be used in the case of PDF Annotation. Let’s see how to use this tool –

      1. Open Xodo Pdf Reader & Editor on Windows Computer (

      2. Open the editable file by clicking on the Browse button with the folder icon.

      3. At the top, activate the editing mode by clicking on the pencil icon on the right.

      4. Now you will get multiple options to convert PDF Clicking on the text icon at the top will bring up a text box in the document. Here you can add any comments or other topics as needed. You can change these contents again later.

      5. You can add different symbols to the attached part by clicking on the sticker button.

      6. You can also highlight selected parts of the document. Again, any image or shape can be added to the selected part.

      7. Finally, here you can add your own signature. In the Xodo application you can save multiple signatures and use them as needed. When you click on the signature button, you will see a dialog box. Here you can attach your signature via mouse or laptop touchpad.

      8. After all the changes, on the left, click on the cross symbol at the very top to complete the editing of the document. Now save the edited document by clicking on the miniature floppy disk icon. You can later restore the original PDF file to its original unedited state if you wish.

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