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      How To Earn Money From Youtube In India

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      YouTube Monetization 2020: How to make money from YouTube channel? How does YouTube pay? How to make money by monetizing YouTube? If you want to know how much YouTube pays per view, including the income calculation on YouTube, you have to read today’s post carefully from the beginning to the end. In this post, I will share the detailed rules for starting a YouTube channel and bringing money home from a YouTube channel.

      There are many ways to earn money online from home. If you want, you can easily earn some money from YouTube channel sitting at home. Recently, the easiest way to make money online is YouTube. You can earn money from YouTube channel only by uploading videos without any hassle. You can easily make money from YouTube channels with a little effort.

      Ways to make money from YouTube channel

      Google AdSense is the main source of income for a new or normal YouTuber. When a YouTube channel has 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time, YouTube uses Google AdSense to monetize its channel’s videos. After verifying the Google AdSense application, AdSense approves the YouTube channel if it deems it appropriate to monetize it or if it has good quality videos. After the approval, when someone watches the video of that YouTube channel, the video becomes an ad show. Since then, YouTube usually pays a YouTuber to calculate ad views. Also, a popular youtubar can earn from the following ways.

      • Affiliate Marketing (Product Promotion).
      • Product Review (Sponsorship).
      • Sells their own product.

      What is the income from Bangla YouTube channel?

      Before Google AdSense supported AdSense in Bengali, that is, before 2016, Bangladeshi YouTubers could not earn money from YouTube. However, after supporting AdSense Bangla language, it is becoming possible to earn money from Bangla YouTube channel by monetizing the video and showing AdSense ads in the video. So, you can easily earn money from YouTube channel by making various tutorial videos in Bengali language.

      How to make money from YouTube channel?

      If you want to make money from YouTube channel, first you have to create a YouTube channel. Then you need to sort your YouTube channel well. Once the YouTube channel you created is sorted, you need to create a video to upload to the channel. No need to worry about uploading videos to your YouTube channel. Because you don’t have to pay YouTube to upload videos. You can upload unlimited size videos on YouTube for free.

      01. YouTube channel open (How to open a YouTube channel?):

      Opening a YouTube channel is a very easy task. With the mobile in your hand, you can easily create a YouTube channel in just 5 minutes. However, if you have a computer or laptop, it will be easier for you to open a YouTube channel and sort channels.

      If you have no idea how to open a professional YouTube channel, you can take the help of our blog. Because we have shared a detailed post on our blog about how to open a professional YouTube channel. We will share the link to open a professional YouTube channel in this post. I hope you can create a YouTube channel by knowing the details from the post.

      What does it take to open a YouTube channel?

      Just as every company has certain rules, you have to follow certain rules to open a YouTube channel or work on YouTube. Without some basic requirements you will not be able to open a channel on YouTube and work on YouTube. It usually takes the following things to open a YouTube channel.

      • You must be eighteen years old.
      • You will need a Gmail ID.
      • A mobile number will be required.
      • You have to follow YouTube’s program policy (it’s a big deal).

      02. Uploading videos to YouTube channel:

      To upload videos to your YouTube channel, you first need to create good quality videos. There are two ways you can create a video. The first is to create a video with a video camera or smartphone camera and upload it to YouTube and the second is to create a variety of tutorial videos and upload it to YouTube with the help of computer or mobile. But before making a video, one thing to keep in mind is that your video must be fun or instructive and good quality. This cannot be done by copying someone else’s video or making minor changes. You may be liable for copyright to YouTube.

      What kind of video do you upload to YouTube?

      Before you start making videos, you need to think and decide what you know, understand and are interested in working on. You must make videos on topics that you know well and are interested in working on. People will benefit from watching your videos when you make a good video knowing and understanding a subject and will like it more because they like the videos on your YouTube channel.

      Here are some tricks to follow in determining the topic of your video. Because if you just create a video without following the tricks, your video will not be viewed even if it is uploaded to YouTube. For that, in order to get the view of the video, you have to make the kind of video that people need on YouTube.

      You need to make videos on your YouTube channel with topics that people are currently searching for a lot on the internet and YouTube. That’s why you should create your YouTube channel on a topic that people have a lot of demand and interest nowadays. Then more people will have the opportunity to watch the video you have created. And the more people watch your video, the more your income will increase. On the other hand, if you upload a video on a topic that is not searched on the Internet and YouTube, then you will not benefit from uploading such videos. So, in deciding the topic of the video, you have to think in a cool head.

      What to make a YouTube channel?

      As I said before, the success of a YouTube channel will largely depend on the topic of your channel. It is important to know what you would benefit from making a video about. Below I am sharing some popular YouTube topics that if you can work with, you can easily increase the view of the video and earn more money from YouTube.

      1. Technology: The present age is the age of internet and technology. Technology related topics have a lot of value in both blogging and YouTube. This is because making videos about tech, uploading them to YouTube gets more views and the video shows more advertisements, so the technology channel’s YouTube channel has more revenue than other topics.
      2. Gaming: There is a lot of demand for gaming channels on YouTube. Gaming channels are the second most popular YouTube channel in the world in terms of popularity and subscribers. This is because gaming channels are becoming more popular than private YouTube channels.
      3. Product Reviews: Product Common is a topic. We as human beings have to use any product. You can be successful in a short time if you can create a channel and upload videos with any kind of product review, starting from digital products. Moreover, the task of product review is relatively easy.
      4. Tutorials: You can be a tutor on any subject. As a human being you must have experience in one thing or another. For that you can create tutorial videos by presenting beautifully on the subject that you know well. However, if you can make a tutorial video on tech, you can easily get success.
      5. Food: The topic of food has lagged far behind in terms of blogging since the launch of YouTube. Because how to make a food can be shown in the video, it cannot be presented nicely by writing in the blog. If you are a housewife or you can cook good recipes, you can easily gain popularity by uploading videos of different types of food on YouTube.
      6. Fashion and Beauty: Who doesn’t like to do fashion and makeup. Girls of all ages, starting from men of all ages, prefer the fashion thing. If you are a fashion designer or you work in a beauty parlour or like to do fashion, then you can earn money from YouTube by sharing various fashion and beauty tips.
      7. Weight loss & Healthy Living: This topic is called Lifestyle for short. If you can share tips on different types of exercise, yoga, gym and health, you can increase the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel in a very short time. Even though he doesn’t claim to be a YouTuber, you can imagine that his YouTube channel adds about 5-10 thousand new subscribers every day. Moreover, I have seen a YouTube channel which has gained 6 lakh subscribers by sharing only one video on “Wight Loss”.
      8. Funny Video: Who doesn’t like to have fun. When a person is upset, he takes refuge in something funny to make his mind better. Such videos are very popular. Because Funny Video is watched by all classes of people.
      9. Travel: If you are a travel enthusiast, it becomes easy for you to become a YouTuber. Because in this case you do not have to bother to make a video. When you visit a place of interest, capturing those videos with your camera becomes your job. Moreover, such videos are very popular.
      10. Animals: Usually these types of YouTube channels are also for people who love to travel. Especially those photographers who do such YouTube channels. If you are a photographer, you can earn money from YouTube channel by uploading videos of various animals, birds and creatures.

      03. YouTube Monetization:

      According to YouTube’s new policy, in order to monetize a YouTube channel, your YouTube channel must have 1000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time a year. So, after a minimum of 4,000 hours of video views a year on YouTube, you can start monetizing the YouTube channel and earning money from YouTube. However, before 2019, there was no set rule for monetizing YouTube videos. But YouTube updated their program policy in 2019.

      How to monetize YouTube?

      If you have 1000 subscribers to your YouTube channel and 4000 hours of watch time in a year, you will get the option to monetize your channel by going to Channel Icon> Creator Studio> Monetization. Then YouTube will show you the monetization option eligible. When your monetization option is eligible, you need to enable the monetization option of your YouTube channel. After enabling the monetization option, you need to apply for Google AdSense through your YouTube channel.

      To open an AdSense account with your YouTube channel, you first need to copy the link to your YouTube channel. Then click on this link on the official website of Google AdSense to fill up the form and apply for Google AdSense. AdSense will link your YouTube channel to AdSense.
      However, you cannot minimize your video with the application of AdSense. After applying for Google AdSense, Google will review your YouTube channel in 5/7 days. AdSense will approve your YouTube channel if you think your channel is appropriate after reviewing. Only if AdSense is approved, you can monetize your video and earn money from YouTube by showing AdSense ads in your video.

      Now you will continue to upload new videos regularly. After uploading, you will see the Monetized option at the bottom of the video. If you tick the Monetize with ads option here, Google will show different ads in your video from now on. However, be careful not to upload any type of copied video. Then YouTube will disable your Monetized option at any time.

      But if Google AdSense rejects your application without approving it, you will not be able to show ads in the video. In this case, you will upload a few more good videos and apply for AdSense again after 10-15 days. AdSense will approve your application if you have good quality videos on your YouTube channel.

      04. How to make money from YouTube? Ways to make money from YouTube

      Usually when your income is full on YouTube, the Google AdSense team will ask you to verify your address, bank account and Google AdSense account. Google will send a letter to the post office at your local address when you apply for verification of your address, bank account and AdSense account from the AdSense settings option. The letter will have the official seal of Google AdSense. After opening the AdSense letter, you will see a PIN number. You can verify your address, bank account and AdSense account using the PIN number. From then on, your AdSense account will show verified and Google attaches great importance to verified AdSense account.

      Then on YouTube, when your income is full of 100, you will have the option to withdraw that money. After applying to withdraw money from Google AdSense account, Google will send your money to Bangladesh Bank. Bangladesh Bank will send the money to your desired bank account. In the case of India, the rupee probably reaches the desired bank through the RBI. Basically, this is how YouTube delivers your hard-earned money.

      Many people think that earning money from YouTube by uploading videos is nothing but a ridiculous and mere story. But it is absolutely true that you can bring foreign remittances from Google by working on YouTube from home. There are some Bangladeshi and Kolkata YouTubers I know who are earning money on YouTube only to support their family. In addition to earning money, he is also continuing his studies or professional work.

      How much does YouTube pay for how many views?

      You need to read a detailed post to understand how much money YouTube pays. Because there are a lot of calculations about how much money YouTube pays. That’s why I can’t summarize your point here. There is a detailed post on this topic in our blog. Read our blog post to know how much money YouTube pays per view or how much money YouTube pays for every 1000 views. Then you can clearly know how much money is equal to how many views on YouTube.

      How much money can be earned from YouTube?

      YouTube usually pays for Google AdSense’s CPC, CTR and RPM. To know how much money can be made from YouTube, you need to understand the calculation of AdSense. Because Google AdSense pays after calculating and considering many aspects of their advertising. You will also need to read another post on our blog to find out. In that post, we have shared all the mathematical calculations of AdSense in detail. We will share the post here. If you read that post, you will understand for yourself how much money you can earn per month from YouTube?

      How to increase the revenue of YouTube channel?

      In order to increase the revenue of your YouTube channel, first of all you have to make good quality videos and upload them on YouTube. You also need to do video optimization including YouTube search engine optimization. When you do these two things together, the amount of income from your YouTube channel will continue to increase day by day.

      01. Description in the video:

      As soon as you upload a new video, write a description of 8/10 lines below the video about the content of the video. Then YouTube can easily get an idea about your video. This will allow YouTube to deliver the video to visitors according to a specific topic.

      02. Interesting thumbnail in the video

      Research on watching videos on YouTube shows that more than 80% of people start watching videos by watching the thumbnail of YouTube videos. Many YouTubers say that the more interesting Thumbnail videos are used, the more popular their videos become. If you spend 3 hours creating a video, you will spend a minimum of 1 hour creating a thumbnail. Because Thumbnail of a video briefly describes what the video will look like. So, Thumbnail must be made interesting by matching the subject of the video.

      03. Video tagged

      After uploading the video, you will see an empty cell at the bottom of the Descriptions for tagging. There is an option to write short tags. You will only select the category of your video, that is, you will select 10-12 tags of the type or close to the type of your video. This will allow search engines to easily understand the type of video you have.

      04. Make regular videos

      Try to upload new good quality videos regularly. Then the Viewer of your Channel will continue to grow. And increasing the viewer means increasing your income.

      05. Video Sharing:

      After publishing the video, you can share your video on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. This will make it easier for people to find out about your videos.

      07. Creating backlinks

      You can link your video to other popular blogs that are making video tutorials or videos on the subject. By doing this you will get a lot of visitors to your site from there.

      Last word

      Since YouTube is part of the Google company, you can earn money from YouTube with integrity if you want to. The biggest advantage of this is that you do not have to buy any type of domain and hosting. Moreover, Google AdSense approval is easily available through YouTube. So, I think this is the easiest, free and reliable way to make money online.

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