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      How to create short time videos on YouTube

      Last year, for India only, YouTube launched short feature video shorts like their tick. This feature is already very popular in India. Yesterday, the CEO of YouTube said that about 3.5 billion people watch these YouTube shorts videos every day. That is to say, the new feature of YouTube has taken full advantage of the ban on tick ticks in India. 60 seconds video can be uploaded here. If you are a video creator and do not know which platform will be suitable for you, then YouTube Shorts may be a good option for you.

      Although YouTube shorts are now in beta stage in India. Even then the feature is available for almost all Indian YouTube users. Let’s find out how to make a YouTube shorts video.

      – Be the first to download the latest version of YouTube.

      – Now login to your YouTube account from mobile.

      – Then click on the ‘+’ sign (Create) in the bottom bar.

      – Here you have to choose the Create a Short option.

      – Now hold down the capture button to record your clip or tap once in the recording option and tap again when recorded.

      – If you click on Undo here, the previous video clip will be deleted.

      – Now click on the Next button to see the preview of the video.

      – Click Next and add information to your video.

      – Now choose whether you made the video for kids or for everyone.

      – Then tap Upload.

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