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      How to change the UPI PIN In Google Pay and PhonePe


      The importance of smartphones in our lives today is a lot like oxygen. Calling, messaging, gaming – in addition to all these things, the work of the camera, computer, etc. is going to be done quite easily through the mobile phone. Not only this, with the help of smartphones we can pay our bills online and save our tickets at home. Again, with digital payment systems or UPI applications like PayTM, Google Pay, PhonePe, we don’t always have to go out and line up at the bank.
      Now some of us use PayTM, Google Pay, PhonePe. But we need to be as careful as possible to avoid online fraud or malicious attacks. A few days ago, a businessman from Hooghly lost about Rs 15,000 while making a payment through Google Pay. For all these reasons we should occasionally change the password and UPI (Unified Payment Interface) PIN of these merchant apps. But many people do not know how to change UPI PIN or password. In that case you can follow the following simple steps.

      How to change UPI PIN from Google Pay:

      1. You must log in to the payment application installed on your device before changing the UPI PIN.
      2. Then open the Google Pay app and click on the profile photo visible in the top right corner.
      3. Now click on the ‘Bank Account’ option and select the bank whose UPI PIN you want to change.
      4. Within that bank account option you have ‘Forgot UPI PIN?’ You will see the option. Clicking on this option will change your UPI PIN as soon as you follow the next on-screen steps.

      In case of Phonepe, open the app and go to “My Money” section, click on “Bank Account” option and you will get Change BHIM UPI Pin or Reset BHIM UPI Pin option. However, make sure that the phone number registered with your bank is active.

      How to change your password, PIN, or Google pay Google apps 

      1. To change the Google PIN, go to the profile tab from the top right corner of the app again.
      2. Then you have to choose the ‘Security’ option.
      3. Here you will see the ‘Forgot PIN’ option, click on that option.
      4. You will then be taken to the Google Accounts homepage and will be able to change your password from there.

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