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      How many seat are empty in which train, now information will be available on Twitter and Facebook

      It is now easier to get information on train ticket reservations. Rail service is relying on technology keeping passengers in mind. So from now, information on train seat reservation will also be available on social media like Twitter and Facebook. That is what the East Central Railway said.

      All the information related to train ticket reservation will now be available on social media like Twitter and Facebook. East Central Railway has already introduced this system. The CPRO of the railway said that if they go to the specific Twitter handle, they will be able to know the information about ticket reservation. Details will also be known as to what are the arrangements for reservation of seats in the trains under that railway, whether there are seats in any train.

      Meanwhile, the lockdown train was closed from March 21 to July 31. The ticket refund for those who had booked reserved tickets at this time has been increased from 31st December to 31st March. That information is being given on the Twitter handle of the railway.

      Earlier, Indian Railways was also simplifying the ticket booking system. So IRCTC is going to add more new features in their website tomorrow. Further changes will be made in the website keeping in mind the convenience of the customer. IRCTC is eager to bring new features. Recently, officials from the Railway Board and IRCTC also sat in a meeting with the Railway Minister. The issue also came up in that meeting. There too, they assured the Railway Minister that work was underway to add new features to the app and website. It will be done quickly.

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