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      Google’s big decision, Android 11 update will not be available on these phones

      Google has already started beta testing of their upcoming Android 11 operating system. Several flagship phones, including Google Pixel, will be able to download the new operating system. The Android 11 update will be available on budget and mid-budget phones in a few months. Meanwhile, Google has decided that Android 11 will only be available on mobiles with more than 2 GB of RAM. A Google Device Configuration Guide has been leaked, according to XDA Developer and GSM Arena reports. According to that guide, the Android 11 operating system will only get mobiles with more than 2 GB of RAM. Mobile with 2 GB or less RAM will run on Android Go operating system.

      Google will probably bring their new Android 11 operating system in the fourth quarter of this year. Stable Android 11 In fact, Google will send updates to their users and companies as soon as possible. Let me inform you that Google will no longer provide their mobile service on 512 MB RAM.

      Smartphones with 2GB RAM have older Android versions, so there will be no update issues. If the device receives an update, users can download and install it without hesitation. If they get regular updates, they will be in the Android branch, there is no confusion about that.

      On the other hand, Android Go is an open source operating system of Google. It will have a few less features compared to Google Apps but there will be no difference in its core functionality. With this, Google is trying to have a lite version of Android on mobiles with normal hardware i.e. mobiles with 2 GB or less of RAM for which users can use the mobile without any hindrance.

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