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    Google will soon charge you for using some editing features in the Google Photos app

    Google Photos is a popular name among the various applications or services operated by tech giant Google. Using this app, you can easily backup your favourite photos or videos, saving the device’s storage. This app can be easily accessed only with the help of Google or Gmail account, no matter which device you use, Android phone or Tab, iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows PC. But the question is how long this Google Photos service can be used for free! In fact, a recent report states that users may have to spend some money to use Google Photos in the future.

    Users have to pay for use Google Photos app

    Recently, the XDA developer community claimed in a report that from now on Google may have to pay for some editing features in Photos. However, these features are free to use by Google One program subscribers. That’s why Google One members can use a lot more features than ordinary users. So, to use the special editing option, either the general users have to pay or they have to take the Google One membership.

    In fact, XDA developers have been monitoring the latest version of the Google Photos app (version 5.6). Then they thought Google One Paywall might be turned on for some editing in Google Photos. They shared a screenshot on the subject, showing how to pay to use the colour pop option while editing or take a Google One subscription. By the way, with the help of colour pop option, some special features like portrait mode can be used in any picture.

    On the other hand, in a statement to a tech blog called ENGADGET, Google itself said that in some cases, members of the Google One program will have to pay extra when using Colour Pop. In other words, users have to pay for special editing of some pictures. So, all in all, Google Photos is sure to be absolutely free in the coming days!

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