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      Google Pay is giving you a chance to win 1 lakh rupees by playing games, learn how to play

      Google Pay, the online payment application, has grown in popularity. Google launched this digital wallet platform about four years ago. As many of you may know, cashback, coupons or some offers are available when making online transactions or UPI payments from this app. In addition, users get some money as a reward by referring this application to others. But this time, users can win 1 lakh from Google Pay. Naturally, the question may come to your mind, how?

      In fact, this IPL season, Google Pay users are being given the opportunity to play the game Google Pay Tez Shots again. Users will get a cash prize of Rs 35 to Rs 1 lakh if ​​they complete the levels of the game and win, there is also a chance to win more other prizes. In addition, coupons for Coolwinks, KFC, mfine, Ajio, etc. will be available if you can reach a certain level or mile.

      The game has been available on Google Pay since September 16, and will be available until October 6. The game is basically a cricket game, so you have to run or score as much as possible without getting out. Needless to say, the game’s interface and sound effects are quite fun, you’ll see a few animated chillies as your opposite team.

      How to play Tez Shots game?

      1. First, open the Google Pay app from your smartphone.
      2. Click on the Tez Shots banner at the top of the main menu or scroll down and click on the Tez Shots icon.
      3. Then detailed information about the reward or score of the game will appear on your screen. From there you can start playing the game by clicking on the ‘Play Now’ option.
      4. In this cricket game only one button will be given to hit the ball. Players just have to click on that button.
      5. You must score 50 to reach the first milestone of the game, and a total of 1500 to reach the final milestone.

      After playing each match, the user can win the voucher according to the total score. In addition, after completing all the milestones, whenever you make a mobile recharge or bill payment or do a business transaction, you will get a guaranteed cashback of Rs. Incidentally, this offer does not apply to users in the Tamil Nadu region and those who have won a reward of Rs 9,000 from Google Pay in the current financial year.

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