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      Google Messages will not work on all these Android devices from March

      As you all know, other apps in Google Suite, including Play-Services, are pre-installed on certified or acclaimed Android devices. However, from March this year, the Google Messages app of the play-service may become obsolete on multiple Android smartphones. Recently, 9to5Google published such an important news on the website. However, certified Android device users have no reason to worry, as they are not being deprived of Google Message service in any way. This problem can only be seen in uncertified Android smartphones.

      In fact, in order to be officially considered an Android device, every smartphone has to go through a Google recognized certification process. This allows all Google services to be used seamlessly on the device. In that case, in the future the owners of unverified Android phones may be deprived of other services of Google besides Google Messages, that fear cannot be completely dispelled!

      9to5google’s report is based primarily on a new update to the Google Messages application. However, the beta version (7.2) of this update has been released for now. Google Message will stop working on unverified devices from March 31, according to its latest app code notice in the developer stage. Note that until 2016, Google’s applications could be used on all uncertified Android devices. But now Google has filled a lot of this gap.

      It is not easy to say exactly who will be in danger if the Google Messaging service is shut down on an unrecognized Android device. But for now, all we can say is that since the number of Android device users without Google’s accreditation or accreditation is relatively low, not everyone will be uncomfortable with this new update. But it seems that the devices of the Chinese company Huawei may be affected in this regard. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, it seems that Google is making all the decisions in the interest of the end-to-end encryption feature of their messaging application.

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